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Healing Centre

Theresa Walton

"As you let go of the darkness, you make room for the light."

Theresa is a medical intuitive who is both a psychic and a medium, however, channeling the Angelic Realm is her specialty.


Whether doing healing work or giving a reading, Theresa will work with the Angelic Realm on your behalf so that you may receive messages and/or guidance to help you heal, move on to your path and connect with those in the non-physical who will gently guide you for your highest and best good.

Theresa’s wish for all her clients is that they receive healing both spiritually and physically, for when we heal, we become more of who we are and who we are meant to be.


Theresa is also a retired member of the Canadian Air Force and a graduate of the University of New Brunswick with a degree in Psychology.As a Public Servant with a law enforcement background, Theresa is a grounded individual, a seeker of the truth without mystery, an astral traveler, and a lucid dreamer.

Taught by the internationally renowned “Horse Whisper” Pam Allen-LeBlanc, Theresa is an animal communicator true to her nature and is committed to helping save animals and the planet. Theresa is an avid animal rescuer and works with a local rescue group.


Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists)
Holy Fire Reiki Master
Certified Theta Healer

Full Immersion Into Spirit - Intensive

Crystal Healer
Animal Communicator

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